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Marigold for Wellness | Commercial Photographers Indianapolis

Commercial photographers in Indianapolis can be a little tricky to locate. Lots of family and wedding photographers, but not a lot who focus on studio photography and branding for businesses. That’s where I come in to assist! I love when I help bring a business owner’s vision to life. Let’s look at this shoot for Marigold for Wellness.

commercial photographers indianapolis

For this shoot the owner, Alexis, wanted an upbeat and vibrant feel for her line of women’s gummy vitamins. The theme of your photoshoot should always match your brand/company goal. For Marigold for Wellness, once you take a gummy you should feel recharged and light on your feet! That’s exactly the feel we aimed for during this commercial photoshoot. Colors and even the apparel were all taken into careful consideration for the direction of this photoshoot.

A summertime vibe” is how I like to reference this shoot. The colors Alexis has incorporated for her business are orange and purple. It only made sense that we use those colors as backdrops for the images. I photographed each model on each color backdrop to make sure that we have some variety to choose from. Group images were also a must for this photoshoot. Also since the company has the word “Marigold” in the name, we had to incorporate the flower into the shoot as well.

When looking for commercial photographers in Indianapolis, make sure you find a photographer that pays attention to what you’re brand is and the message that you are trying to portray. If you have a swimsuit collection, the look and feel of the shoot should match that (colors, apparel, lighting etc.). Have an idea for your brand photoshoot? Do you need creative direction for your shoot? Click here so we can discuss all of the details to ensure your shoot helps market your business the right way. See you soon!

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