What is Homecoming


Homecoming Comedy is a platform focusing on tomorrow’s stars in stand up comedy. These monthly recorded comedy shows are held in Indianapolis, IN and now Atlanta, GA! Your host is none other than Nate Russ. We’re building a massive online audience that you should be a part of! Make sure you follow us on all socials. YouTube, TikTok, IG, & Facebook.

There’s a lot of comics out there with great talent that the world needs to see. 

Why the name Homecoming Comedy?

The creator & producer, Nate Russ, chose the name specifically because he is now based in Atlanta, GA. He literally has to come home for this show. Thus the name “Homecoming”. Get it? Good. More than that though Nate has grown an organic audience in his hometown full of friends, colleagues, ex girlfriends, cougars, haters, and supporters from various places. His audience is like FAMILY to him. All of them. It’s all love when you’re surrounded with family. Feels like home. Like the saying goes “There’s no place like HOME”.

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