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Kerrie L. Smith, Notary Public | Professional headshots Indianapolis

So you’ve been searching “professional/business headshots Indianapolis” and you’re still looking for the right photographer. Hopefully this blogs helps you finalize your decision. First, let’s talk about why you need headshots.

You have a business or are a professional of some sort. Great! As I’m sure you know, your image is important. Selfies in our cars are great for quick posts on our personal social media accounts, but that won’t fly for your website, marketing materials, linkedin etc. Your headshot is your virtual first impression! Think about it, a potential client finds your info, looks you up, and the first image they see is you taking a mirror selfie in your bathroom. Definitely not okay!

business headshots indianapolis

This is Kerrie. Kerrie is the owner and operator of Signature Move Notary Services. Kerrie contacted me and stated she needed headshots for her website and business cards. Too easy! I first asked her what she would be wearing for the shoot and if she had a color in mind for a backdrop. I ask my clients these questions for two reasons. First, I want to see if they need any guidance for the appropriate outfit to represent their image/business. Secondly, I want to make sure the outfit pairs well with the chosen backdrop color or if we should change it.

professional headshot indiana notary

A rule of thumb that I always apply to my business headshots is that “less is more“. For women, I recommend a natural/soft look when it comes to makeup for professional headshots. As for jewelry, it should not be the first thing someone notices when they see your image. Subtlety is key. For men, clean shaven and a blue, grey, or black suit is a classic staple for a headshot.

professional headshots indianapolis

You’ve searched “business/professional headshots Indianapolis“, landed on my page, and you’ve learned some things! Sounds like a good day. Next step is for you to click here to get the process started for your professional headshots. See you soon!

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