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If I had to describe myself I would easily say DETAIL ORIENTED! From my career to my home, I’m all about the finer details. Being detail-oriented means I am NOT satisfied with mediocre results. You pay attention to the things that others often overlook to bring out the best in a project, a task, or yourself.

indianapolis photographer nate russ
black air force veteran

Serving in The United States Air Force helped lay the foundation for my future in commercial & portrait photography. The military harps on “paying attention to details”. The slightest adjustment could give you drastically different results. After separating in April 2016, I purchased my first camera 9 months later. I approach every shoot with the mindset of tending to exactly what my client’s needs are for their business or personal images. I love when my clients tell me “These images are better than I imagined”.

Whatever it is that you value, my mission is to capture that on camera for lifelong memories. I currently reside in Indy where I’m not only behind the camera, I’m in front of it as well! I’m also a comedian and actor. I love to see people smile especially if they’re in front of my camera. 

Your search for an Indianapolis photographer stops here. See you soon!

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